D'y'wanna play? . . .
A great way to pratice music, meet other musicians and generally have a good time is a jam session.

Harmon's Peak was the name of the original group
. The members have moved on, but they all still play in one group or another. The CD is worth checking out.



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Public Performances:


Sat, October 31, 8:00pm-11:00pm - Karl will run sound for the Palo Alto Contra Dance.

Fri, Nov. 6, 12:30-1:30 - "Fete Musette" will perform a Traditional French repertoire for the Bing Music Series at the Stanford Hospital Atrium.

Sat, Nov 14, 7:30pm-11:00pm - Karl will run sound for the Palo Alto Contra Dance.

Sat, Nov 21, 7:30pm-11:00pm - Peak Nouveau will play for the Monterey Contra Dance.

Sat, Nov 28, 7:30pm-11:00pm - Karl will run sound for the Palo Alto Contra Dance.

Sun, Dec 6th; 9:00pm-1:00pm - Karl and Sarah will perform for the Menlo Park Farmers Market.

Sat, Dec 12, 7:30pm-11:00pm - Luceo will play for the Palo Alto Contra Dance.

Fri, Dec 18, 12:30-1:30 - Mister Barky will perform a relevant wintery folksongs for the Bing Music Series at the Stanford Hospital Atrium.

Sat, Dec 26, 7:30pm-11:00pm - Karl will run sound for the Palo Alto Contra Dance.

Thu, Dec 31, 7:30pm-12:00M - Karl will run sound for the Palo Alto Contra Dance. Happy New Year!

Various Ensembles Available

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inquiries to:

650 856 6445

Mister Barky
Mister Barky has been amusing Bay Area audiences in one form or another for over 25 years with an eclectic combination of old time, swing, music hall, Irish, and other traditional musical offerings.

Karl Franzen: authentic suffering artist and guitar wunderkind, mysteriously un-aged since 1987.

Ernest Kinsolving: full-time wage slave moonlighting as a fiddler and vocalist since 1983.

Barbara Rosner: sometimes expanding the Barky sound with bass fiddle and vocal harmonies since 2013.

Howl along with Mister Barky!

We present a variety of shows using songs and tunes of various traditions (possibly even costumed):

American Folk
Cinco De Mayo
Country Dances
Cowboy Songs
Farmers Market Songs
Irish Pub Music
Knighting Ceremonies
Mardis Gras
Patriotic Songs
Picnics and Parties
Pirate & Sea Chanties
St. Patrick's Day Music
Scottish Songs
60's Folk/Rock
Time Capsule Burying Ceremonies
Rennaisance and Early Music
Seasonal Music
Swing Party Tunes


Stephen Scott Gill and Karl Franzen
Stage actor and teacher Stephen Scott Gill plays several shows with Karl Franzen as accompanist.

"Simply Sinatra" - the life of Frank Sinatra.
"A Movable Feast: Americans in Paris" - the mythos of 20th century Paris.
"American Dreamer" - Songs of Stephen Foster
"Isle of Hope" - The Story of the Irish at Ellis Island
"Champion of Lost Causes" - The Story of Don Quixote.

Fete Musette
Love the Louvre -- but searching for traditional music of the French countryside as well? Fête Musette will take you to pre-jazz Paris, as well as introduce you to the irregular rhythms of Alsace, the raucous bourrées of Auvergne and Berry, and the ancient Celtic part of France, Brittany. Of course we have the accordion, as well as fiddle, hurdy gurdy, (vielle à roue), dulcimer and guitar. Gary Breitbard, Jena Rauti, Peter Tommerup, Karl Franzen and Sarah Kirton are longtime friends and performers, playing French music for fun and dances. Join us for an irrepressible performance of tunes, songs and dance demonstrations.

Solo Classical Guitar
Karl has studied classical guitar, and in particular, the harp music of the famed Irish composer Turlough O'Carolan and has arranged 60 of those pieces for guitar. This (and other assorted early music) features prominently in Karl's solo presentations, which can also include traditional songs as well. This is a peaceful, elegant music whose purpose is to lift the soul and pay homage to the lord and lady of the castle.

Peak Nouveau
This Contra Dance Band plays old time, Irish and French music and consists of Paul Clarke on banjo, Sarah Kirton on fiddle, Peter Tommerup on dulcimers, and Karl Franzen on guitar and sometimes Barbara Rosner on stand-up bass. (To hold a dance, one also needs a dance caller who will teach the dances. We can acquire one for you if you wish.)

"We had an absolute blast. Thank you for providing the wonderful music to accompany our fun! ...We will definitely keep you in loop on our next barn dance extravaganza."

PROMO PHOTOS -- Click for hi-res files.

Rosin the Beau
Ernest Kinsolving, Karl Franzen and Alan Keith perform 4 hours of Irish pub songs including a bagpipe and drum parade on the hour. We are usually booked on St. Pat's at St. Stephen's Green in Mountain View, Ca., but try us for the surrounding few days.

Plays contradance music with Rebecca King on piano, Lee Anne Welch on fiddle and Karl Franzen on guitar, mandolin, pennywhistle and melodion.

Links of Interest:


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FARNE Archives North England

Fiddler's Companion

John Quincy Wolf Folklore Collection

Max Hunter Collection

Alan Lomax
See "Performing Arts, Music." . . . after finding tune page, click link "View Page Images."


Old Time Songbook

Paul's Archive

Public Domain Music

Roud Song Index--English Folk Dance and Song Society

Traditional Music, British & American

Music pdfs and dvu!partitions/c185f



Paul plays folksy, bluesy, cowboy, train music with Page Brownton and Sidetrack.

Lee Anne is one of the founding members of Sidesaddle

Alan Keith, bagpiper

Ernest Voices

Gary Breitbard, International Folksinger and Accordionist

Mockingbird at Midnight

Otters Like Fiddling


chart transposer

Song about Barack O'Bama

Clubs & Societies:

Bay Area Country Dance Society

Northern California Bluegrass Society

Santa Clara Valley Fiddler's Association

San Francisco Folk Music Club

Bay Area Sessions::

Hootenanny Jams

Mostly Celtic Sessions

The Session


Traditional Sessions in the Bay Area

Fandango Old Time Session.

fandango tune list (pdf)

Bay Area Open Mics



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