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"When we sit down and play, we often experience a playful, interwoven cross-cultural musical tapestry which brings us closer to Celtic musical ingenuity, Appalachian self-sufficiency, and California's musical eclecticism. We hope you, too, find something herein to enjoy! "

We dedicate this musical labor of love to: Lee Anne Welch, Agnete Tommerup, Lyn"Zobn" Stafford, Theresa R. Zdanuk, Ernest Kinsolving, Art Friedman, Margaret Sloan, Guy Carawan, Mike Rugg, Neal Hellman,Michael Hubbert, Jody & Misha, John Paul, Janet Herman, Jere and Greg Canote, John McCutcheon, Malcolm Dalglish, Jim Wells, Ron Beardslee and Kathryn Lamar for encouragement, mentoring and/or inspiration!

Karl Franzen:
Guitar GT, Bazouki BZ, Voice VC, Whistling WH, Pennywhistle PW, Melodeon ML, Bodhran BH, JawHarp JH, music arranging, analog recording engineer and mixer.

Peter Tommerup:
Mountain Dulcimer MD, Baritone Dulcimer BD, Scheitholt SH, Hammered Dulcimer HD, Bowed Hammered Dulcimer BW, tune selection and dulcimer arrangements; engineering assistance.

Lee Anne Welch:
Fiddle FD, Viola VO.

Gary Breitbard:
Piano Accordion PA.

Lyn "Zobin" Stafford:
Graphic design, studio recording assistance.

Kristoph Klover:
Digital mastering assistance at Flowinglass Music, Oakland, CA.

All arrangements are © 2003 Karl Franzen and Peter Tommerup. All tunes are traditional except Raphael which is © 2003 Lee Anne Welch.


Slainte of San Francisco Bay plays Celtic and other forms of acoustic traditional music. They are available for performances or for background music for events. They have produced one CD called "Along Celtic Lines" which can be purchased from (they have sound samples.)

"SLAINTE" means "Cheers" in Irish Gaelic. Along these lines we toast the Traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, France, England, Cape Breton, the Appalachian Highlands, and traditionally inspired contemporary tunes as played in the San Francisco Bay Area. Karl takes a multi-instrumental approach to this music, playing the guitar, octave mandolin, button accordion, pennywhistle, jaw harp, and bodhran (the Irish frame drum). Peter's musical vision stems from his fascination with the Appalachian mountain dulcimer, and its distant cousin--also a member of the zither family of string instruments--the hammered dulcimer. Collectively they have played traditional Irish, American and other roots music for 5 decades, several years of this with each other, and many more performing and jamming with talented musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere.

Recently written about Peter:

"...He's the most amazing "heir" of the California dulcimer-playing traditions that have really furthered the musicianship on the m.d. He learned first in the '70s from Michael Rugg, an outstanding player/arranger as well as builder (CapriTaurus and original Folk Roots dulcimers), and has gone on to play very impressive music all his own, is my favorite arranger for m.d. (I say this after 30 years of my own arranging)."

"Peter wrote two excellent articles on for me on "Arranging for the Mountain Dulcimer." You may wish to offer something different in the DPN, and Peter is a font of music and playing techniques. He has taught many excellent, creative players in his part of CA (south of San Francisco). You ought to hear him play the French musette waltz, "Le Petit Bal du Marinier." It's a piece none of us would have thought possible on a diatonic fretboard and 3 strings tuned to DAd. That one's beyond most of your readers' playing skills, but Peter has arranged and played hundreds of pieces."

"I especially love his arrangements/playing of European folk tunes. His facility at playing articulately at speed is very impressive, and he can authentically interpret music from many cultures on our instrument. Peter has a Ph.D. in Folklore and toured/apprenticed with renowned Southern Appalachian storyteller/folklorist Richard Chase."

"For another side of Peter, check out this beautiful video and celebrate Spring! He rescued a baby hummingbird, and this is part of the story - with a happy ending

All the best,

1-Captain O'Kane / La Bruja 3:49 (Irish / Galician waltzes) MD,PW,GT,FD
2-Banks of Allen / Scattery Island 2:09 (Scotts jig/Irish slide) MD,BH,ML
3-Poppy Leaf / King of the Fairies 4:26
(Cape Breton hornpipe / Irish set dance) HD,GT,PW
4-Rock the Cradle Joe / Lucy 3:46 (American reels) MD,JH,ML
5-Carolan's Draught 5:35 (Irish harp tune) GT,MD,PW,VO
6-Great High Wind / Cooley's 3:46 (American / Irish reels) HD,PW,BH,BZ
7-My Darling Asleep / Cliffs of Moher 2:27 (Irish jigs) MD,PW,BH
8-Sword Dance Set 2:57 (English ritual dance) MD,PA,GT
9-Carolan's Receipt 2:09 (Irish harp tune) HD,PW
10-Raphael 2:49 (Jig by Lee Anne Welch) SH,FD,BZ
11-An Comhra Donn / Byrne's Hornpipe 3:57 (Irish hornpipes) MD,GT,PW,ML
12-Tamlin / Breton Andro 4:11 (Irish reel / Breton andro) HD,BZ,BW
13-Little Rabbit / Sandy Boys 3:37 (American reels) MD,JH,WH,VC
14-La Marianne / Les Moutons 3:07 (French waltz / bouree) HD,PA,GT
15-Julia Delaney / Earl's Chair / Trip to Durrow 4:31 (Irish reels) MD,PW,FD,BZ,BH
16-March of the Kings of Laois 4:20 (Irish march) GT,MD,VO
17-Lilting Banshee / The Orphan 2:59 (Irish jigs) HD,PW,FD,BZ

For CD's or booking information please contact:

Peter Tommerup (408) 867 - 9762
Karl Franzen (650) 856 - 6445

Karl, Peter, and Gary playing dinner music for a wedding reception.